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Your daily dose of essential health


Benefits of 23 enchanting herbs & spices in your cup 


Arkaved Botanicals is a team of researchers, who, with their years of research, have developed the products that are way advanced than other herbal medicines. Arkaved essentials are made from the most potent herbs.

The process used brings to you, the herbs in their fully bioavailable form. The herbs are collected in a holistic way from their natural abode in full bloom seasons. The products then undergo quality analysis and standardization process, before packaging. The highest ancient knowledge is combined with modern science to bring to you the most effective and holistic health products.

Why Arkaved India?

  1.  Our Vedic Kahwa's perfectly balanced recipe is prepared by Ayurveda experts & Doctors.

  2. Made with A-grade handpicked spices & herbs. No compromises with the quality at all.

  3. Hand crushed with utmost care & love. No machine interaction at all.

  4. Our Kahwa is a 100% natural, no guilt healthy drink which is chemical-free & non-toxic with no preservatives.

  5. 10 days money-back guarantee, no questions asked. 

Make it a part of your daily lifestyle routine & lead a well-balanced, healthy life.

2 cups of Vedic kahwa a day can do wonders for your overall health by improving metabolism & Immunity

Thank you so much Arkaved. Your product is very effective. Because of that, my son's immunity increase and he doesn't get sick very often.

-  Tabassum

Verified Buyer

This is excellent kahwa. The quality of the product is good. Tea tastes magnificent. However, the tea that this contains is perfect for the blending of spices and it has its own distinct aroma. Very refreshing, energizing, and stress-busting. A must-try, even from an experimental point of view.Thank you “ARKAVED” for bringing this to my doorstep!

-  Anu Ojha

Verified Buyer

The Kahwa tea is too good. I have a problem with Sinusitis and it has really great relieving effects and I am feeling much better.

-  Neeraj

Verified Buyer


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