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The Super Foods

Fact - the most misused/over-rated term in Food, Health And Nutrition Industry is Super food.

You are all eyes and ears for the 5 Best, 10 Best, 15 Best super foods in the world, 7 Superfoods of India … Common, right?.

We live in a vast country with 100s of humble yet actual super foods, I mean each state and region have their own list of Super foods. Many, many and many of Natures food reside just besides you and you just forget to notice those. The over, the super prized Avocados and Exotic berries types catches your eyes and ears. Your very-very humble Jamun and Bor (or Ber) are well off in nutrition index.

If you reside in Rajasthan and you know Ker and eat Ker you may be taking an ample amount of calcium, a substantial amount of B12 if you're consuming our very own makki ki yellow roti and makki ki Ghat (maize daliya) and garam garam bhutta just walking in the rain.

Anyways the use of word super foods is misguiding and unscientific. It’s not quoted by Qualified nutritionist that including a variety of naturally occurring, high nutrient value, local, organics in a meal or snack makes it a super food meal.

You can never rely on one food to give you all you need only because someone read on internet and told you. nor you can deal bad about not buying 150 Rs a piece of Avacado and feeling oh you're left out on super foods. I’m not saying Avacado is not nutritious but just searching for very costly, available only in select outlets in mid-size cities, you start to feel nutritionally deficient just because you cannot get hands on those. You can take coconut, spinach, carrots, cherries and won't feel left out, even a peanut butter toast would also suffice. It's just you need to keep your eyes open, be creative in thinking, educate yourself about the available resources.

Also, not because suddenly it's in news it is the only best available option you have. Sometime in 90's each one wanted to shift to soya, soya chunks, soya powder, tofu as if there is no life without soya ... Good and bad and even best foods are determined by your age, level of physical activity, any Present health conditions, ethnic background, locality, kind of job and 100 more factors. Just because you read or because your friend has gone to a fancy nutritionist does not mean you can copy that and get the same results.

Be self-aware, eat unprocessed - that is the number one key to a perfect health. Include variety of single foods, vegetables and nuts and fruits and grains and use the method of cooking that is imbibed in your genes.

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