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The Many Greens of Summer

O Summer, the excruciating Summers in many parts of west, north middle India almost 70% of our vast country faces the kind of temperature that is not tolerable. First we thank the Mother Nature of how she knew what all we need to deal with this. Lets fight summer the Indian way...

Of course I'm not saying anything about Covid-19 as you all flooded with so much information already, I mean each one of us knows everything that is to know. We all are Google and What's up Driven PhDs in whatever there is to know about Corona every single hour.

So let's see how we were taught to deal with summers in the great summer capital, Rajasthan.

The Elixirs for summer are Tangy Mango Pulp juices, tamarind laden juices, Kokam juice in Konkan region, Rose sherbet, Thandai, Fennel Syrup (Saunf) these are functional summer foods to keep your body safe in summers, of course to be consumed in moderation due to sugar added to these but they are far superior in the nutrition to calorie ratio to all the cold drinks, energy drinks, artificial juices and packaged and bottled feel of fruit juices..

Look around, get in touch with the tangy fresh lemon with mint, juicy watermelon, musk melon, cucumber raw or cucumber water (add cucumber pieces to water In a glass jar and keep for a few hours), coconut water and guess what..these are coolers without adding any ice to it. They are tasty without adding artificial or regular sugar to them and they give your body enough magnesium and potassium to deal with summers, keep your muscles hydrated.

The more water laden a dish is the better they help your muscles not to get fatigued during summers, so ladies and all the people who are working a lot on kitchen during lock down, keep yourself hydrated by a lemon and mint drink your own home version of virgin mojito, few pieces of cucumber or water melon ..

Happy home stay..happy summers....!!!!

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