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Diet as Elixir - A New perspective

The first thing that comes to anyone's mind while thinking of a diet plan is weight loss or fat loss. Yes, maintaining an ideal weight and low fat is critical, but food can do much more than that.

For instance, we are familiar with doctors advising what NOT to eat if you are a diabetic or if you suffer from hyperthyroidism, but there is an ocean of knowledge that you are not aware of that not just the elimination of certain foods but introduction of nutrient rich food or as the fad goes "Functional Food" is very critical in improving your medical condition as well day to day fitness.

From simple flu to malignancies, from a wound to anxiety disorders food is the key to reduce the dependency on medicines.

You are what your cells are, your cells are what goes in and out of them or actually YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT (an old saying).

Food is the more important part of your day hence must be the most reverend aspect of your life.

Love what you eat. Eat what is required.

Some food for thoughts -

- If you are someone having a muscular cramp try one of the following tips

1. add mint leaves to your favorite drink (could be tea or lemonade)

2. introduce 2 extra glasses of water in your daily routine

3. enrich your food garnishing it with extra green coriander

...ask me if you need more ideas.

- if you are someone suffering from Tachy Cardia (high pulse rate), try

1. a Sada Paan post your evening meal can greatly help

2. put a beetle leaf in a bottle or jug of water and drink that water thru out the day

3. have a cup of green tea

NOT TO SKIP your daily medicine or checkup.

That's all for now. Will be back with more. Thanks for reading

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